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TCT: Chen Kun

The featured celebrity today for [Tasty Crushie Tuesday] played Pu Cangzhou in the film 'Flying Swords of Dragon Gate.' Of course, his looks and his fighting skills caught my attention and that's why I decided to feature him today. Hope you'll enjoy this.

Chen Kun (born February 4, 1976), sometimes credited as Aloys Chen, is a Chinese actor and singer. He has won the Hundred Flowers Award's for Best Actor, Huabiao Award for Best Actor, and has received one Golden Horse Award nomination for Best Actor.

Chen gained recognition from the 2001 television drama 'Love in Shanghai' and the 2002 film 'Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress'. He rose to international prominence from the 2006 film 'The Knot' and the 2008 fantasy film 'Painted Skin', which also garnered him a Hundred Flowers Award for Best Actor.

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Chen was born in Chongqing. His parents divorced soon after Chen's second younger brother was born, and Chen began working part-time in high school to support his mother. He started as a typist at the municipal office and later as a solo singer at night clubs. He showed early talent in singing and was strongly recommended by his vocal trainer and mentor to join the China Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble (now China National Song and Dance Ensemble) at Beijing in 1995. In 1996, he was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy, where he began taking acting classes.

Chen debuted in the 1999 film National Anthem, and rose to prominence on the 2001 television drama Love in Shanghai. He was nominated for Best Actor from his role in A West Lake Moment at the 2005 Golden Horse Awards, won Best Actor for his role in The Knot at the 2007 Huabiao Film Awards, and won Best Actor for his role in Painted Skin at the 2010 Hundred Flowers Awards.

Apart from acting, Chen is also an established singer. He frequently performs theme songs for his television series and has released three full-length studio albums, winning Most Popular Male Vocalist at the MTV Asia Awards for his second album, Come True Again. To support his third album Mystery&Me, he held his first solo concert in Beijing in February 2010.

Chen has one son.

Actor and singer Chen Kun has been crowned Asia's Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity Man 2013 after a fierce battle on PETAAsiaPacific.com by animal rights group PETA Asia.

  • The Ghouls (2015)
  • Zhongkui - Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal (2015)
  • The Intruder (2014)
  • Young Detective Dee - Rise of the Sea Dragon (2013)
  • Dunhuang Password (2013)
  • Weapon King (2013)
  • Bends (2013)
  • Choosing Love (2013)
  • Angry Kid (2013)
  • Painted Skin 2 (2012)
  • Full Circle (2012)
  • Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (2011)
  • Qian Xue Sen (2011)
  • Love on Credit (2011)
  • Beginning of the Great Revival (2011)
  • Rest on Your Shoulder (2011)
  • Children from the Distant Planet (2011)
  • Let the Bullets Fly (2010)
  • My Ex-wife's Wedding (2010)
  • The Star and the Sea (2009)
  • The Founding of a Republic (2009)
  • Mulan (2009)
  • Painted Skin (2008)
  • Playboy Cops (2008)
  • The Door (2007)
  • The Knot (2006)
  • The Music Box (2006)
  • Longing for a Feeling of True Love (2005)
  • Baober in Love (2004)
  • A West Lake Moment (2004)
  • Kung Fu Girls (2003)
  • Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (2002)
  • National Anthem (1999)
TV Series
  • Old Dream (2009)
  • Zhu Family Garden (2008)
  • Endless Love (2008)
  • Love Ensure This Life (2008)
  • Legend of Heroic Duo (2006)
  • Wind and Rain in Xiguan (2005)
  • Want to Have Love Affair (2005)
  • True Love of Heaven and Earth (2005)
  • Long Sword Lovesickness (2004)
  • Red Rug, Black Dream (2004)
  • Story of Brother Ba (2004)
  • Vancouver (2003)
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  • Only You (2002)
  • Love Under Bright Sunlight (2001)
  • Traveler's Story (2001)
  • Love Story in Shanghai (2000)
  • Osmosis (2004)
  • To Come True Again (2006)
  • Mystery&Me (2009)

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