Sunday, June 1, 2014

Shirtless Sunday Slurpee: Tom Daley Getting a Full-body Massage

To welcome this month of June, GOSEEGEO brings you Tom Daley amazing shirtless gif taken from his ITV show, 'Tom Daley Goes Global,' where he travels around the world with his gal pal Sophie and a camera crew in tow. 

In the show's season finale, Tom hits up Morocco and did a lot of stuff, such as falling off a camel, eating animal brains, and even impersonating a snake. But, what caught people's attention is that Tom stripped down to a pair of blue undies and got a full-body massage. See the amazing gif of Tom getting a massage after break.

FYI: Tom's doing all this for charity, i.e.
bringing attention to the Brain Tumour Charity,
and hoping to inspire others to take life by the balls.

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