Tuesday, January 27, 2015

#VocabularyTuesday : Sadghetti


When one eats spaghetti alone, while also being sad and depressed.[source]

Sentence Usage:
"How was dinner last night?"
"I had sadghetti..."

* Thank you, Zayn Malik, for the illustration.
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You've always wanted to go on a date with any (or all) of the boys of One Direction, right? Well, now you can, thanks to their new music video for "Night Changes" off their latest album, "Four."

In the video, the band takes viewers out on what seems like the best date of your life. You can play Jenga with Niall, go ice skating with Harry and stuff your face with spaghetti with Zayn. Of course, you may discover that even a date with 1D can go awry -- watch the vid to find out how.

Video courtesy: OneDiretionVEVO

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