Thursday, January 29, 2015

#ThursdayTeaser : OHBOY | The Future of Eroticism

OHBOY... Reinventing the traditional language of gay porn. @goseegeo #ThursdayTeaser
Directed and produced by porn model/actor Damien Moreau, OHBOY focuses around the sexuality of men and an individual’s relationship with themselves. Following a loose and subtle narrative, the characters and audience explore the mundane of the everyday and exposed private moments of personal pleasure. Uncensored and honest, Moreau’s OHBOY mini-series will be released in January 2015 as online pay-per-view films on his website

Is this the future of eroticism?

* Watch the teaser after break...


Meet Sébastien.

A dancer/choreographer living in Mexico City and star of OHBOY épisode 1, the first in an original collection of 5 episodes comprising the new cinematic web series OHBOY.

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