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#ModelMondayMayhem : Robbie Becroft

Gorgeous fresh face, Robbie Becroft (or simply, Robbie B.), is a 22-year-old model from Australia. He loves to workout and also loves to shop. He's currently a fashion and runway model under the management of Reco Modeling Agency. He stands 5' 11". 

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Robbie Becroft is a 23 year-old Fil-Aussie professional model. He joined the blogging community March last year in response to his blogger friends’ (Camille Co, Laureen Uy, and Carlos Concepcion) suggestion. In less than a month, his blog Robbie Off Duty already received at least 30,000 views per day. This catapulted him on the Top 10 of the blog-ranking site

Though his name alone can get a bunch of girls squirming (even moms), it wasn’t always the case. This half-Aussie, half-Filipino had to work with little to nothing. He came to the Philippines three years ago with the sole intention of visiting. But like most visitors who fall in love with Manila, he decided to stay – with only a few hundred dollars on him. Without the support of his parents, Robbie started taking on modeling gigs. He recalls how rough it got. “There were months where I couldn’t afford my rent, sometimes I didn’t even have enough money for the cab rides and had to resort to walking – which opened me up to really seeing the streets of Manila and understanding the way of life here,” he willingly shares. What he attributes, almost despondently, as a crucial figure in the turning point of his life is former girlfriend Laureen Uy who introduced him to blogging. More than that though, he credits Laureen and her family as the people who really took care of him during his plight. “She even made their driver take me home each day and night so I wouldn’t run into any danger,” he says.

Unsurprisingly, he took it hard when they broke up and immediately packed his bags back to Australia. What got him back in Manila was a recent trip in Hong Kong where he realized how strong his love for the craft is and how he really just wanted to share it, via his blog, to the world. A plane ticket was instantly booked.

The rise of his blog though can be attributed to one simple thing. Practice. Despite the difficult situation, he credits his photography know-how to the times he spent wandering the streets of Manila with camera in tow. Until now, unlike most bloggers, Robbie takes the time to really write and give his own flavor and insight to each and every blog post – whether that be a brand feature, an outfit post or even a simple event invite. It is precisely this style that his readers appreciate and read regularly. When asked about his blog he answers, “I’m on a journey. Blog is not soley about fashion, it’s about the things I come across day to day, it’ll be about what inspires me and my personal opinions from experience. People can relate through my taste. Usually people who like my blog have a very similar taste, or going through the same phases in life that I’m going through.” Aptly called RobbieOffDuty, his blog really gives his readers a glimpse of who he really is as opposed to solely knowing about which brands he wears. The result? A wide readership comprised of both guys who imitate his sense of style and girls – he is a model for a reason. Actually three: his face, his abs (we checked!) and his accent.

Imagine that same accent then uttering the philosophy he follows, “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.” Any person who lives by William Ernest Henley’s words probably has something to say. But what he prefers more is learning – from his fellow models during fashion shows, to countries that he visits, to his own voice when he asks himself the question “What can I do to be better?” which he quite often does.

At this point, where he’s booked for shoots and shows left and right, with people asking for photographs in between takes, he is doing pretty well. “I’m very blessed,” he says. While he’s very happy with the way things are he ends on a note that prompts us to wonder what we’ll be seeing from him in the future: “I have a long way to go, so there’s still so much to learn in life.” With this attitude and a close circle of friends and mentors, we have a pretty good idea.

Follow Robbie at @robbiebecroft

Photos by Raymond Cauilan

Photos by Ira Giorgetti

Photos by Adrian Gonzales

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