Friday, January 17, 2014

Fierce Friday: 5ive's Ritchie Neville for GT Magazine

5ive's Ritchie Neville reveals his very impressive abs and bulging biceps as he poses naked for GT Magazine.

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He has always been a hit with the ladies and men due to his very pretty blue eyes and floppy hair. But it seems Ritchie Neville isn’t just a pretty face… he’s also got a very impressive body to match.

And clearly not shy about what he’s has, the 31-year-old has stripped off for Gay Times in aid of World AIDS Day.

His hair, which was of course blonde and floppy during his boyband heyday, is spiked up, while he gazes at the camera which his piercing blue eyes.

When asked by the magazine if he is used to stripping off from his days in a boyband, he replied: ‘Never, actually! It was a band policy not to do shirtless shots because all the other boy bands did it, so we decided not. But I’m confident with my body and I don’t mind whipping my top off if there’s some sun out.’

Speaking about what he considers to be his best feature, Ritchie who admitted he was nervous before the shoot, said: ‘Ever since I was a little boy, I used to hate it when aunties and mum’s friends would say ‘doesn’t he have lovely eyes?’

‘However, I’ve grown to accept compliments but I’m a bit bashful with them. But I couldn’t be standing in front of the mirror all the time. I’ll look three to five times a day at the most and that’s just to check my hair.’

He also revealed that people often assumed he was gay, he shared: ‘A lot of people did presume I was. I even saw a comment the other day saying ‘oh, he’s straight.’ So they’ve spent 20 years thinking I was gay. Men would come on to me all the time.

‘But my mum’s brother was a raving queen who was really flamboyant and funny, so I’ve been used to being around gay people all my life. He met a guy and they were together for 30 years, so I was raised with a very liberal attitude and ‘gay’ has never been a dirty word in our house.’

However, Ritchie is completely straight, he added: ‘But I’ve never been tempted to experiment with my sexuality, I’ve always been quite certain from an early age what I am.’

The GT Naked Issue, which is in support of the National AIDS Trust, also features Lee Brennan. Alex Reid and Ashley Mckenzie.

Photo Courtesy: Dylan Rosser

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