Tuesday, October 15, 2013

#TopStoryTuesday : Jonas Brothers, Disbanding?

In Jesse Steinbach's article for OUT.COM titled "Could This be the Last Jonas Brothers Interview?" she discussed the possibility of the Jonas Brothers disbanding.

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The article says: [Source]
After the guys cancelled their tour and refunded fans, we wondered if this could have been it.

The Jonas Brothers cancelled their tour due to a "deep rift within the band," confirms band spokesperson, Jesse Derris. “They had to resolve their issues about the music and direction of the band. It’s not a personal fight, it’s about the music. They are brothers, they love each other. Yes, they are still speaking.”

Even though fans can get a refund on tickets, many think the boy band is splitting up for good. And this was supposed the be there big reunion! Bummer. What happened?

Just last month, writer Sam Lansky sat down with Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas for a feature in the November issue of Out to talk about their first new album in four years. Though the three brothers were slightly disunited when describing their their new sound, we didn't think a band-divorce was in order. On the contrary, it was clear they wanted to be taken seriously as a credible rock band, even if there was a lack of team-spirit in the room.

We asked Sam Lansky if he could have predicted that they would cancel their big tour so suddenly. "Neither Joe nor Kevin seemed particularly enthusiastic in their descriptions of their new musical direction," Lansky explained. "Kevin was by far the most effusive. But the mood between the boys seemed surprisingly tense."

But isn't it always that way between brothers? "They seemed most united when talking about their app and new distribution channel, but less so in describing their new sound," Lansky said. "The sense I got was that it was very important to them that they were taken seriously as a credible rock band."

Sounds like the future is unclear. Think the band will hold on?

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