Thursday, May 3, 2012

‘American Idol’ Top 5 Results: Skylar’s The Limit

"This is your bottom two, America!" as Ryan Seacrest would always say.

This week was British Week on "American Idol," and maybe that gave Liverpool-born contestant Hollie Cavanagh some sort of small advantage. Hollie was in the bottom two on this Thursday's top five results show, for the umpteenth time, but in the end, she managed to scrape by yet again. Instead, shockingly, it was all-American girl Skylar Laine who quite undeservedly went home in fifth place.

Skylar goes home too soon
Skylar was a girl that I'd always predicted could actually win this whole thing. The amazing little country-crooning pistol fired off one great performance after another, week after week...and yet, she often landed in the bottom two or three. Why? I thought country music was hugely popular among "Idol" viewers, judging from how last year's finale panned out (or by the fact that this week's guest performer, Carrie Underwood, is still the most successful Idol EVER). So where are all the people who voted for Season 10's Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina, huh? Skylar, in my opinion, is better than both of 'em.

Meanwhile, the first two singers sent to safety on Thursday were--surprise!--the male contestants, Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips (followed by girl wonder Jessica Sanchez). Joshua was not that much of a shock, considering all the gushing, boot-licking praise , not to mention the ELEVENTH standing ovation, he had received from the judges this week. But...Phillip?

Sure, P-Squared has been a favorite all season (he's still never been in the bottom two or three), but this week, he arguably gave his worst performances to date. It almost seemed like he didn't care anymore, whether he was sleepwalking through his Zombies cover, phoning in "The Letter," or awkwardly going through the motions on his "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" duet with Joshua. He really did seem to lose some sort of loving feeling this week, and even on Thursday's show, he couldn't bothered to spit out his gum before going onstage. (Ryan Seacrest scolded him like a Catholic schoolteacher, amusingly.)

J.Lo reacts to Skylar's elimination
I certainly didn't expect or even want Phillip to go home this week, because he is very talented and has major potential as an artist. But I'd at least hoped he'd be in the bottom two, just so he'd get a little fear in him, enough to galvanize him to step it up next week--and, you know, maybe put on a Skylar-style performance. Oh well. I know a dynamite performer like Skylar will steal the show on this summer's Idols Live Tour anyway, and she'll probably be headlining stadiums, just like Carrie Underwood, on her own one day.

Parker out.

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