Friday, September 5, 2014

#FierceFriday : Dylan O'Brien gets down and dirty for Teen Vogue

Who would have thought that an old gas station can look so good!?!
Dylan O'Brien poses for the September 2014 issue of Teen Vogue Magazine. #FierceFriday
| Photo Courtesy: Teen Vogue
In the latest issue of Teen Vogue magazine, 'Teen Wolf' hottie Dylan O'Brien tried to channel his role on the new movie ‘The Maze Runner’.

While the fashion in the shoot is relatively low-key—hi, white T-shirt—Dylan really nails the whole very-attractive-yet-greasy mechanic vibe. He didn’t get dirty from fixing cars, though.

In the interview, O’Brien talked about his upcoming movie and his obsession with his baseball team, the ‘Mets’:

On his character on movie: “Thomas is just a human and he’s got all the same fears as every one else in The Glade…it’s not like he’s numb to it,” Dylan says of his Maze Runner character. “It’s his bravery in spite of fear that I’ve always admired so much about him.”

On baseball: “I’m such a baseball guy over everything else. Even when they’re not playing for the six months out of the year, it’s all I pay attention to and it’s all I care about. My Mets are insanely precious to me. I watch every single game. Even if I get home at 2 AM, I will put on the game. It’s crazy.”

‘The Maze Runner’ hits theaters on September 19.

Dylan O'Brien gets down and dirty for the September 2014 issue of Teen Vogue Magazine. #FierceFriday
| Photo Courtesy: Teen Vogue
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