Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday Surprise: The Burgess Brothers (Australian Rugby Players)

George Burgess (right) is a 21-year-old professional rugby player for South Sydney Rabbitohs, Australian league. He was born in Dewsbury, England. On the other hand,  Luke Burgess is the brother of George and is also a rugby player. Though it may seem that these Burgess Brothers are just your typical cute athlete, you'll be surprised of the photos that surfaced online showing their "other" side.

* Surprising photos after break...


In George's case, his naked photos were apparently posted on a gay site.


In Luke's case, photos of him surfaced where apparently he was kissing Ben Ross, a 33-year old Australian rugby player.

So what can you say about these Burgess Brothers? Do you find them hot or not?

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