Friday, November 8, 2013

Fierce Friday: Kevin Zeger for Flaunt Magazine's Dye Issue (Aug 2013)

Kevin Zegers goes shirtless sexy for a feature in Flaunt magazine’s Dye Issue.

Kevin Zegers is caged because it would be lethal to set all that hotness free/out in the open-that’s what I understand from the feature for Flaunt magazine photoshoot he lent his chiseled self to.

The 28 year old newlywed actor lay inside a caged area dripping wet from the spray of water while looking straight into the camera with a slight parting of lips and made sure he damaged the hearts of female fans in doing so. Too bad he’s off the market, though it’s not like we ever stood a chance with him.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones star has come a long way from his It’s a Boy Girl Thing days but he still retains much of his sweet, chocolate boy image along with a new and improved version of himself.

His wife Jaime Feld is one lucky woman!

More photos after break...

Here’s what the 28-year-old Canadian actor had to share:

On his past alcohol addiction: “I was very uncomfortable around large groups of people. I didn’t deal well with stress, I didn’t deal well with traveling, I didn’t deal well with relationships, and so I found that alcohol was an easy way for me to make all of that okay for a while.”

On meeting his wife Jaime Feld during the rocky period in his life: “I never even thought of myself as the most courageous person, but it was definitely decided with my wife, that [being an alcoholic] would eventually take me down. I wasn’t prepared to do that. I just felt like I still had much left to do.”

On playing a sociopath in his upcoming film The Curse of Downers Grove: “It’s just the sickest movie. I know that there’s a much darker, weirder part of myself that maybe people haven’t seen.”

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