Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tasty Crushie Tuesday: Corey Gray

Corey Gray
Genre:  Pop/acoustic/alternative
Hometown:  Dallas
Current Location:  Los Angeles
Record Label:  Keep Your Soul Records
Discography:  Let Loose - EP (2012)

With over 29,000 subscribers and over a million views on his YouTube channel, Corey Gray is on the fast track to becoming a star. He has already done collaborations with Jake Coco and Savannah Outen! Did we mention he was #2 for Mashable’s YouTube Cover Face-Off with an awesome cover of Katy Perry’s The One That Got Away. This is definitely one artist you are going to want to keep your eye on.


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Here is his interview on FANLALA...
Fanlala: When did you first start singing? What was your first performance?

Corey Gray: When I was about 14 I had started singing by myself all the time but I was REALLY shy about it! I played drums in a local band at the time and watching the singers from behind the drum set was fun but I was dying to step up to the front of the stage! So one night after my mom had heard me singing when I thought I was by myself, she took me out to our shop which was built next to the house, and sat there with me for like 2 hours until I finally managed to get the courage to sing The Scientist by Cold Play for her. Haha, and not too long after that I booked an acoustic show at the local music venue that I worked at, and prepared for like 2 months. When the night finally came I was horrified but I went through with it and had an amazing time!

F: What made you decide to start a YouTube channel?

CG: Well I actually had a different channel on YT for quite a while before the one I have now, but I had NO IDEA how to run it! I think I had the channel for 3 years and maybe 30 people had subscribed to it!  But, about 6 months ago I met Jake Coco through some work I was doing with UNEEQABILITY.COM. The day I met him we were scheduled to work on writing a song for another one of my friends groups, but Jake had already listened to my stuff and before I knew it we were recording one of my original songs in the studio! A couple days later he made an offer to start a new channel and I said yes! And I am so happy I did!

F: Describe your sound? Who are your music inspirations?

CG: Well as far as my original material goes, the stuff that we are about to release in the beginning of 2012 has a sort of retro sound with smooth electric guitars and a warm tone. I LOVE so many artists but a few of my faves are probably John Mayer, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ed Sheeran, Adele, OKGO, and so many others!

F: What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

CG: When I lived in Texas, one of my friends (who is now my roommate) had decided to move to California to pursue acting, so while we were talking about it he mentioned this quote he had heard a few days before that.

"The only way to make it, is to make IT the only way"

I'm not sure who originally coined the phrase, but it really hit home with me, because at the time I was torn between leaving everything behind to go to Cali as well, or staying and figuring some things out in Texas. But I realized that to do something like music, or acting, or anything else that requires dedication I have to give everything to it.

F: What can we expect from you in the future?

CG: LOTS OF MUSIC! hahaha, and lots of touring as well! I have a few songs coming out in a little EP on iTunes at the beginning of 2012, and some really cool video concepts are being worked out right now! I can’t describe how excited I am to share!

F: What is a hidden talent that you have?

CG: I can do a front flip on the ground! haha I don't know if that’s a talent but I fell a lot before I could do it!

F: Besides singing, what do you like to do?

CG: I love to longboard around Venice Beach, and I really like to play video games! I'm kind of a nerd.

F:If you could go on tour with any musician(s) alive or dead, who would it be and why?

CG: The Beatles, because that would just be an insane experience, on stage and off.

F: What 3 things you cannot live without?

CG: I would say my guitar, a computer, and definitely cereal!

F: How can fans keep up with what your doing?

CG: Well there is my YouTube channel where I release a new video every 10 to 15 days or so. www.youtube.com/officialcoreygray and also facebook.com/coreygraymusic and twitter.com/coreygray1

Some of Corey Gray's videos that I really like..

Cover of Rihanna's "STAY"

Cover of Justin Bieber's "AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME"

Cover of Swedish House Mafia's "DON'T YOU WORRY CHILD"

Corey Gray's Original Song, "WHERE WE'RE GOING"

Corey Gray's Original Song, "LET LOOSE"

Corey Gray's Original Song, "ONCE AGAIN"

Corey Gray’s Photos...

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