Friday, March 2, 2012

Sean Puffy-Nipples!! yea!!

Hahaha!! I think I should be getting my porn name registered as well.. haha

Used names:

- Penis de Milo
- George Pooney
- Squirt Reynolds
- Saddong Hussein
- Jon Bone Jovi
- Forrest Hump
- Luke Thighwalker
- Darth Invade-her
- Obi Come On Bone-Me
- C-3P-Blow
- R2-Do Me
- Captain James T. Pork
- Sperminator
- Winnie The Pooh-Hole
- Ronald McFondled
- Sean Puffy (Hard) Nipples
- Tommy Salami

PS.And Hung Lo :D... Now what should I use???

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