Friday, February 10, 2012

Tasty Crushie Tuesday: Markki Stroem

I really want to meet this guy for some reason. Whenever I see his pics or catch him on tv or event, I feel like he is a nice guy... I hope I can prove that in person... Hehe..

Markki Stroem is a twenty two year old Filipino-Norwegian singer who is also inclined in songwriting and playing the piano. A music fan in nature. He enjoys listening to all genre including broadway but his heart beats for the soul sound. He desires to establish himself to be one of the most potential rising artists who will bring fresh air in the music industry with his extraordinary compositions and remarkable interpretation of covers.

[Markki Stroem Biography]

Marcello Angelo Ledesma Stroem in real life, he resides in Antipolo. His height is 5’11 and he finished marketing Studies at Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland. He plans to put up his own business someday. He’s currently being managed by Erick Raymundo who also manages talents such as Richard Poon and Sam Milby. He also modeled for Bench back in 2009.



  1. parang kamukha sya si pierre fitch... my fav. star--ung 2nd pic from taas... :))

  2. search mo na lang sa google or yahoo... ehehehe