Wednesday, July 9, 2014

WTF Wednesday: Another Reason for Watching 'Game of Thrones'

Now that 'Game of Thrones' is so back on TV. Did you know that several male and female castmembers have been complaining to the media that there’s not enough male nudity in the R-rated series.

German actress Sibel Kekilli—who plays Tyrion Lannister’s prostitute-girlfriend, Shae—exclaimed that Thrones needs to show more men unsheathing their swords. “Yes, of course men should be naked on Game of Thrones,” Kikilli told the Independent. “Why are all the women naked? I mean, good-looking guys—I want to see Conleth Hill and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Peter Dinklage.” She added, “We’re going to talk to writers David Benioff and Dan Weiss.”

Evil Melisandre, a.k.a. Dutch actress Carice van Houten, has also called for affirmative-action nakedness, reminding us that “nudity is a part of life.”

And actor Finn Jones, who plays gay prince Loras Tyrell, moaned that Season 4 was sorely lacking in man-on-man action—Loras will enjoy a “slight flirtation” with some other men this season, but that’s it: “There’s not enough hot gay sex for Loras this season,” he says. “I’m afraid there’s just not enough.”

Damn shame.

And Kristian Nairn… okay, Hodor never actually said he wanted more naked guys on the show, just that he is gay.

But, gay or straight, who wouldn’t want to see Jon Snow in his birthday suit? Guess what, here's a glimpse of what to expect.

Check Kit Harington's bulging photo after break...

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