Tuesday, April 29, 2014

#VocabularyTuesday : Pelfie

PELFIE (noun.)

The pelfie, a portmanteau of pet and selfie, is commonly used in social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram where users share hilarious, sweet, and cute shots of their four-legged friends with or without them.

Sentence Usage:
Since 2013, many celebrities' sweet and shaggy fur friends garner enough likes and comments to rival their well-known owners with their own version of the selfie, fittingly dubbed a "pelfie."

* Thank you, Tyler Posey, for the illustration.
* More Celebrity Pelfies after break...

Colton Haynes

Daniel Henney

Alex Pettyfer

Francisco Lachowski

Harry Styles

Hayden Christensen

Johnny Weir

Kellan Lutz

Kevin Baker

Kim Soo-Hyun

Liam Payne

Louis Tomlinson

Nico Tortorella

Scott Eastwood

Sergio Carvajal

Tom Daley

Tyler Posey

Zac Efron

Zayn Malik

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