Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Titanic Tuesday

I'm just trying some new code to hide those not-for-kiddo post that I have.
I hope you like it.

Oh btw, the guy in this picture is really cute and TITANIC! hahaha... 
You'll see what I mean afterwards.

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Happy Titanic Tuesday!

*Uncensored photo after jump

One Tuesday morning, Mr. Daniel Mccann, a very wealthy man was found dead at his own mansion. The police said that based on the evidence found at the crime scene, Mr. Mccann was murdered on Sunday at around 2:00PM with a knife. There were five suspects, namely: gardener, driver, maid, son, and wife. They were all questioned for the incident and they were specifically asked what they were doing at that given time. Each one gave their alibi.

Gardener: "I was busy mowing the lawn and watering the plants."
Driver: "I fetch Mr. Mccann's son from his soccer practice."
Maid: "I was asked by Mr. Mccann to go to the post office to mail a letter."
Son: "I was on soccer practice."
Wife: "I was at a spa having my full-body massage."

Question: If you were the police, who do you think is the murderer based on their alibi? (Answer must be in small caps)


  1. Hahaha!!! I really tried typing all the suspects... hehe... worth the try!

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    1. Click the link and type your answer... see if it works. :)

    2. Click the link and type your answer... see if it works. :)