Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Teenage Pregnancy

Photo courtesy of Family Matters
Teenage pregnancy. wtf!!!???

my younger cousin has been complaining about her stomach for the past few months. it keeps getting bigger and she hasnt had menstruation for the last three months. She said that she also had problems with her bowel movement.

when my aunt told me about this, I researched on it and said that I can't find any other reason but pregnancy. it may be the cause of everything.

we were not really thinking that it's a possibility though coz my cousin has a bit of ADHD.

today, my aunt accompanied her to the doctor to have her checked. we were all surprised to find out that she was pregnant. the doctor's initial diagnosis was confirmed by the pregnancy test.

When my aunt and cousin got home, everyone was shocked by the news but my cousin was still hesitant to admit it but later on she admitted that she had a boyfriend and that when she texted the guy before about her menstruation problems, the guy said that she has to have an abortion.

Now, the dilemma...
she is only a 1st year college student. The guy is poor as well. according to the doctor, my cousin is about 3mo. pregnant. My cousin wants to commit abortion but we're all against it.

What is the right thing to do? I need all your advice guys.


  1. Im never in favor of abortion. For me, a child is a gift. So If I was her cousin, I wouldn't let her commit abortion. I'll convince her to raise the child for a year or two then go back to school. Im sure her parents wouldn't let her daughter kill their grandchild.

  2. I think that's a good idea. My cousin is always crying and she keeps saying that she wanted to go to school this semester. She even thought of ending her life. There was one time that she didn't even wanna eat on the idea that the baby in her tummy will die. I pity her but then again, things happened because it was her choice. We want to help her but she doesn't even give us info to help her, like the name of the guy who impregnated her or when it happened...